Josef  Pepa LUNACEK (1965)- Artiste Tchèque

Josef Pepa Luňáček / Cosmos inside us

We cannot count on the coinsidence in our everyday life, nor as built up the life on encounting the coinsidence. Coincidence can not be predicted. But despite all this we can not eliminate it from our lives – it appears, becomes, it is with us. Now it’s up to us to seize it, how we live with it, and how it we will spoil. Coincidence in the case of Josef Luňáček is an inner voice, that – as matured – call him to create, to paint.

« Everything has its place. Everything has its time. Our movements are as if led by someone else. I always know exactly which color to choose, how to thin it, where to put it on the canvas. » At least a few sentences from a personal testimony of Josef Luňáček. In other words – art is a way of speech, you have to manage and control if you want to reach and tell the others.

Josef Luňáček is at the art scene preferentially reflected and promoted by his spontaneous engagement, which is anchored in a distinctive artistic expression. Both – spontaneity and individuality are essential for art competition. The viewer’s eye which addresses the visual effects can appear « random » – in its final form, however, is experienced sentiment forces of author’s thoughts reflow into a painterly skill created works of art.

Visually, the images speak to us continuing to infinity, which only the canvas and frame dictate earthly dimension. Its unpromising spatiality that speaks to us. For some has Josef’s paintings no beginning, for others author’s work has no end. We are accustomed to storytelling, even in non-figurative and abstract painting. Better to live by stories. However, there are events with infinite time and space dimensions. And we can also describe it from this world, even though it is our world space overreaching. For some the Josef’s paintings are like records of micro and macrocosm, for others like segment of embracing cosmos, part of the infinite nature – cosmos inside and around us, infinite and mysterious, bottomless and imponderable, which I am a slightest part. Just as we sink into infinity, we are mired in the artist’s painting layers.

Fine work of Josef Luňáček can be accept philosophically as cosmic. In the context of what is happening on the art scene has its place when looking at an abstract form of expression. At the exhibition of artist’s paintings in Latin Art Gallery in Prague in March 2015, one of present critics described him as extraordinary discovery in contemporary forms of abstract expressionism in Central Europe. Josef Luňáček is the author, who is identifiable by his work. Without necessarily signing his work, in search of answers about the autor, we can say – this is Josef Luňáček.

Prof. PhDr. Ivo Barteček Csc , 14.3.2016





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