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Yannis Le Quintrec – Artiste peintre

La Fureur de vivre – Acrylique sur toile de lin – 165 x 115 cm

Yannis Le Quintrec is a painter originally from Brittany. A landscape architect by profession, he is passionate about painting since he was young, and took evening classes at the School of Fine Arts in parallel with his other studies. After working in Grenoble, Paris, and then in Lyon, he decided to return to Brittany and opened his own workshop in Brest, in 2015. He currently lives and works in Rennes.

Even if Yannis Le Quintrec started his career painting abstract landscapes, he quickly switched to another style, inspired by human diversity which fascinates him so much. The artist marvels at the uniqueness of each individual, and the infinity of shapes and features that can structure it physically. Thanks to colors, the artist makes a long work on the morphology of humans, on the shape. The latter appears caricaturized in his works: the painter accentuates the physical features and the characteristics of each individual, to emphazise the diversity unique to mankind. The colors allow him to add emotion to a painting in which cultural identity is put on the side, and to intensify a painting paying tribute to the human race.

In 2013, he exhibited for the first time his collection of paintings « Bonhomme » in Rennes.

And since, exhibitions in Paris in 2016, 2017.


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